Using polynucleotides, PhilArt Eyes is a super-charged skin regenerator and the new tweakment on the block!

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Last summer it had got to the stage where every morning I would stare at my face in the mirror, finger the skin under my eyes and repeat a negative mantra that went: ‘What can I do about these dark circles – I never had them before.’ So, when a little while later, I was invited along by AM Aesthetics to review a course of PhilArt Eyes polynucleotide treatments, it was perfect timing and, I wondered whether that mantra had in fact been working as a little manifestation for me and my dark circles.

My 56-year-old eye area was definitely ready for a little TLC, so off I popped to meet Professor Syed Haq and find out exactly what this latest tweakment could do for me…

What is PhilArt Eyes?

PhilArt Eyes treatment involves injecting polynucleotides into the skin around the eyes. These polynucleotides stimulate fibroblasts, which are cells that play a key role in the body’s natural repair processes. This stimulation leads to increased production of collagen and elastin, proteins that provide firmness and elasticity to the skin. As a result, the treatment can help reduce puffiness and droopy eyelids, while also diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles.

But, what are Polynucleotides?

They’re derived from DNA extracted from salmon sperm cells and have been used in hospitals for tissue repair and skin cell renewal. When injected into the skin, they trigger intensive repair processes similar to wound healing, reducing scar tissue and irregular texture. They also have anti-inflammatory properties, enhancing elasticity and hydration, and reducing wrinkles over time.

Are they the same as fillers then?

No, because unlike traditional fillers, polynucleotides gradually dissipate after providing their regenerative magic and, unlike fillers, they don’t change the shape of the face.

Can polynucleotides treat other areas apart from eyes? Yes!

  1. Skin revitalisation to combat general signs of ageing
  2. Acne
  3. Scarring
  4. Rehydration for dull skin at any age
  5. Rosacea
  6. Loose and sagging skin
  7. Alopecia/hair loss
  8. Hyperpigmentation
  9. Stretch marks
  10. Deep lines & wrinkles

My Treatments

After explaining the procedure to me and using some ice around the eye area to make it feel a little numb, Prof Haq went in with the needle. I must say, he is very skilled and it didn’t hurt at all. A few little pricks around each eye and the treatment was done. It didn’t take any longer than 30 minutes at the most and when I left, there was just a little redness so I stuck on my shades and got on with my day.

However, a couple of days later, I did start seeing little bruises appear around my eyes which I needed to cover up with concealer and my dark glasses. I was pre-warned that although rare, this can sometimes happen and it isn’t anything to be unduly worried about. Despite the bruises, the rest of the eye area started to look considerably more hydrated.

A few weeks later, I went back for my second treatment and again, after icing the area, the injections were painless. This time around, there wasn’t any marking aside from a little redness. Prof Haq said that because the polynucleotides strengthen the area and they had already got to work under my skin, it was likely I wouldn’t experience any bruising this time – and he was right!

My Overall Verdict

As I had some holidays planned and lots of other projects on, I didn’t have the full course of three treatments and had just two. But the results were impressive and the eye area continued to improve over the next few months. Dark circles were significantly improved, lines were plumped up and looked a little softer and the whole area was much brighter. The best thing was that being summer, even after a sunny day of sipping frosé on the river with friends, I still woke up looking fresh with sparkly, revitalised eyes!

Not the best photography for my before and after but I can see the area looks brighter, lifted and more hydrated.

8 months on: Almost a year on, the lines and dark circles have returned and I feel another pop of polynucleotides would be a good idea. AM Aesthetics recommends a top-up every 6 months or so and I’d agree with that.

This is a before & after from AM Aesthetics after 1 treatment.

This is a before and after from AM Aesthetics after 1 treatment.


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